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Know Your Herbal History: Wingbean

With the launch of Power Plants on Kickstarter approaching quickly, we continue our examination of the various arcane flora you might find yourself planting in your garden. Today, we look at the Wingbean!

Once a real rarity in the wizarding world, Wingbean is now central to many flight and levitation potions. They were first found on the slopes and plateaus of the Emerald Mountains in the South. This flying faba can be identified by its twin leaves fluttering gently in the breeze and the robust blue bean growing underground until it reaches full growth. They have to be harvested quickly, because a mature Wingbean will take flight, and sometimes take the ground with them as they go.

A sprouting Wingbean can move any unlocked patch in the garden, removing any rival Sprites that may have been camped out on it; great for unexpected attacks on your fellow wizards. A growing Wingbean allows you to add a Sprite to that patch and then move an unlocked patch to somewhere else in the garden. The Grow power doesn't remove rival Sprites, but it can sure mess with someone's plans.

At the end of the game, Wingbeans earn one Gem for each unique plant type surrounding it for the wizard that controls them before going on to full field scoring. As you can guess, a garden with this levitating legume is a little more chaotic than normal, but hey, you didn't get into magical horticulture for its predictability!

Power Plants is coming to Kickstarter on October 26.

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