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Know Your Herbal History: Honeyleaf

With the launch of Power Plants on Kickstarter approaching quickly, we begin our examination of the various arcane flora you might find yourself planting in your garden. Today, we examine the Honeyleaf.

You can definitely attract more Sprites with honey! Found deep in the reaches of the Misty Woods, comes a specimen that oozes and drips with a sweet rejuvenating nectar. Known for attracting bees, butterflies, and of course Sprites, Honeyleaf has long been valued for its magical properties. Although not easy to grow, the sap is a useful ingredient in magical concoctions. In the hands of a skilled wizard, this sticky, dewy liquid can be used for both healing and summoning spells.

Honeyleaf is one of the few patches that doesn’t come with an automatic Sprite when they’re added to the garden, but don't worry, both the Sprout and Grow powers will attract a lot of your loyal workers to the board. When you Sprout a Honeyleaf, you get to add two Sprites to each adjacent patch to the wizard that has less than two in them (a quick way to gain control of patches). It can also mean removing rival Sprites from patches (if there's ever a rival Sprite on a patch you're supposed to add to, you remove them instead).

Growing a Honeyleaf patch allows you to add one Sprite to patches adjacent to the wizard with one or less Sprites in them. Less dynamic, but when combined with other Grow powers, it can make for a very effective turn.

Power Plants is coming to Kickstarter on October 26.

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