An incredible new dinosaur graveyard has been discovered, and if the early findings are any indication, it could be a treasure trove of fossils and bones like the world has never seen! In Fossilis, 2 to 4 players become palaeontologists working the dig site with shovels, whisk brooms, and chisels looking for a find that could make their career.

In Fossilis, you spend action points on your turn to move around the dig site, shift layers of terrain, and  collect plaster. As you delve deeper into the site, precious bones are exposed and can be extracted. Complete full dinosaurs or work on building sets. You can even uncover lost tools which provide a special ability. Only one palaeontologist will dig in the right spots, find all the bones they need, and get their names in all the finest dinosaur journals.

• 3D board with recessed pockets.

• Thick, chunky Terrain tiles

• Realistic Dinosaur Bones to discover (not to scale)

• Many paths to victory

• Modular rules to adjust for experience level

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