Helaina Cappel has always been passionate about board games, but when she and her husband Josh started to introduce their kids to the hobby, she found ‘kids’ games were either too complex for her little gamers, or offered little to no challenge for the adults. From that realization the idea for Kids Table Board Gaming (KTBG) was born. Helaina and Josh (who is a designer and illustrator himself) have teamed with some of the best creative minds in the hobby to create games that are accessible to new players, but still offer creative decisions for seasoned vets.


Over the past few years they've released five hit games including FOODFIGHTERS, HAUNT THE HOUSEPROBLEM PICNIC, WRECK RAIDERS and BUGS ON RUGS. Their most recent game, FOSSILIS, just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their motto is Making casual games for serious gamers and serious games for casual gamers. That sweet spot in the middle is where you’ll find a KTBG game. Kids Table Board Gaming is the sibling company of Burnt Island Games, a more gamer focused brand.