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Know Your Herbal History: Frightshade

With the launch of Power Plants on Kickstarter approaching quickly, we continue our examination of the various arcane flora you might find yourself planting in your garden. Today, we examine the Frightshade.

From deep in the murky mires of Elkwood Bog, comes a specimen that emits noxious fumes and must be handled with the utmost care. Courageous adventurers found Frightshade as they traversed and mapped the bog for the first time. They carefully (and perhaps foolishly) brought the plant back to the wizarding world. Frightshade can be difficult to work with, but for determined wizards, it can used in both repulsion and corruption spells.

When added to the garden, Frightshade comes with one brave Sprite. If you choose to use the Sprout power, you can move one Sprite from a field next to the Wizard to an adjacent patch. You then gain one Gem for each Sprite on that patch (a good way to rack up some in-game points). If used strategically, you can move opponents Sprites onto each other's patches and cause them to lose Sprites.

If you use the Grow power of the Frightshade, you can still move one Sprite onto an adjacent patch, but it must come from a patch next to the growing Frightshade. You also won't bank any Gems for using the Grow power. Still, it can be an effective move to gain control of different areas of the garden.

Power Plants is coming to Kickstarter on October 26.

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