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As a master sushi chef, you've studied your craft for years. It took diligent training to perfect specialty maki like your All-Day Breakfast, Octopus's Garden, and Squid Salad Sandwich, but now you face your toughest challenge yet: Friday night dinner rush!


In Maki Master, you compete with your fellow chefs to complete the most valuable orders. You can concentrate on short and simple orders to get bonuses quickly or take your time to make complicated masterpieces for big rewards!


Each turn, add a new ingredient to the shrinking kitchen space and try to arrange them for the orders you're working on. Complete a scrumptious recipe for points or take an action card like Chop!Stack!, or Switch! to help with future turns. Don't forget to collect spicy wasabi to complete orders with style! At the end of the night, the chef who has earned the most points by completing their recipes wins!


Maki Master adds new mechanisms, streamlined rules, and fresh art by Claire Lin to the Wasabi! design from 2008.


What's In the Box:

1 Game board

68 Ingredient tiles

62 Recipe cards

16 Action cards

32 Small Wasabi cubes

8 Large Wasbi cubes

1 Wasabi pool

4 Wooden Teacups

4 Wasabi dishes


Maki Master Standard Edition $39USD

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