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Deluxe Box Includes:

1 Rulebook

1 Game Trayz box insert and resource caddy

1 Game board

1 Cardboard Hilltop

1 Cardboard River dial

16 Massive Valley cards

15 Huge Traveller cards

72 Comfort cards

34 Improvement cards

20 Wooden and screened Animal workers

20 Special Wooden Cottages

10 Special Paw Print Family Dice

4 Villiage Dice

5 Cardboard Home boards

20 Wooden and Screened Lessons Learned tokens

1 Wooden and Screened Worm start player token

154 Wooden and Screened Cardboard resources

4 Wooden and Screened Improvement bits

1 Talents Mini Expansion

1 Dreams Come True Mini Expansion


Creature Comforts KS Deluxe Game $66USD

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