BOO! Out-ghost your friends with this family favourite!


Haunt the House includes:
80 Scare cards (16 per player)
30 Phantom cards (14 different types)
24 Ghost Hunter cards (each one is unique)
9 Haunted Rooms (each one is unique)
38 Skull Tokens
8 Trophy Tiles
5 Wooden Ghost Meeples

1 Rulebook

1 Glow in the dark game box


The Darker Corners Expansion includes:

4 New darker, scarier, and more difficult Room tiles

32 New cards, inlcuding 4 new Phantoms, and 4 new Ghost Hunters (these Hunters are "professionals" so their are more difficult to scare out of the house)

1 Darker Corners rulebook


Haunt the House KS Version and the Darker Corners Expansion $48US