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We have partnered with Karl Juhlke, who has created the most beautiful Search and Find for our amazing game, Fossilis!


Revisit Fossilis in a brand new way with this unique Fossilis-themed Search and Find! Featuring over 100 characters, items and events from the Fossilis game, and dozens of other things to look for, this digital Search and Find is bound to keep you and your family and friends entertained! This package includes the files for the Search and Find which can be printed at 16" wide, an answer key, and a tarot-sized card with both text and image lists of items to search for, so everyone can have some fun!  


The downloadable file includes: 

  • The Search and Find image (300 DPI, 16" wide) 
  • The answer key (300 DPI, 16" wide) 
  • 1 double-sided list of items to find


Fossilis Search and Find

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