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Everyone in town is looking for a cozy little café where they can relax with a good book, something to nibble on, and, of course, some delicious caffeinated beverages. As a capybara with a love for coffee, it’s always been a dream of yours to open your own shop. Now is the perfect time! But you’re not the only one opening your doors in hopes of enticing customers. Rival coffee shops are popping up all over town and it’s up to you to ensure that you have the right food, drinks, and decor to turn your drop-ins into regulars. Put together a delicious menu and decorate your shop to capture the perfect aesthetic. You just might have the busiest little café in town!


Each turn, you play a card from your hand, either buying it as a food, drink, or decor item for your café or serving the customer on the card and earning money. If you meet a customer’s needs completely, they become a Regular and earn you extra end game points!


Café Baras is a card drafting, tableau-building game brought to you by the creative team behind the critter classics Creature Comforts and Maple Valley. Designed by Roberta Taylor and featuring illustrations by Cindy Monroy, it plays 2-4 baristas in about 30 minutes.


What's in the box:

83 Café cards

12 Special Guest cards

4 Counter cards

25 "1" cardboard coins

8 "5" cardboard coins

Café Baras $20USD

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