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Fossilis: Time of the Dinosaurs

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

There was a time when huge beasts roamed the Earth, some of them were peaceful herbivores, while others were ferocious and skilled predators. The reign of dinosaurs lasted for millions of years across three major time periods.

The Triassic period started about 251 million years ago (give or take a year). The continents that we know today were all clumped together in one major landmass. It was known as Pangaea. The climate on the planet at this time would have been very dry and very hot, especially in the interior of the super continent.

As time marched on, the Jurassic period began. It started around 200 million years ago. This truly was the time of the dinosaurs. These massive reptiles had evolved quicker than their amphibious cousins. During this period, Pangaea split apart and as landmasses shifted, they began to form the continents that we know today.

The end of the Jurassic ushered in the Cretaceous period. This was the last and longest period of the Mesozoic Era. Dinosaurs still ruled, but there were new species on the rise. Birds were highly successful during this period, thought to have evolved from smaller jumping and gliding dinosaurs. This was the period of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who thrived as the apex predator. The Landmasses of Pangaea continued to shift and by the end of the Era they were much closer to the continents we know today.

In Fossilis, you don’t have to be a dinosaur expert to do well, but it is fun to learn about the different eras and species you’ll be discovering. As you pull bones out of the dig site, you’ll gain rewards for collecting Dinos from a specific era, or carnivores and herbivores. At the start of each game of Fossilis, a lot of history lies just beneath your feet and you’ll have a ton of fun uncovering it!

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