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5 Great Halloween Games

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

As the calendar flips to October, the leaves start changing colour, the temperature begins dropping, and the countdown to Halloween officially begins. There are a lot of traditions that go along with the spookiest holidays of the year, such as horror movie marathons, costume parties, and of course trick or treating. But you don’t have to exclude gaming from your creepy activity list. There are a number of different titles that fit the spirit of the season, no matter what experience you’re going for. Check out this list for five great suggestions.

The Bloody Inn - For the Macabre Gamer

In the Bloody Inn, you play a family of inn keepers in France during the 1800s, with, well, questionable business practices. As you welcome guests into their rooms, they’re just as likely to wind up dead and robbed and they are to make it through the night. Hey, times are tough, and robbing the odd passing traveler is sometimes the only way to make ends meet. Getting rid of the witness is just common sense. The innkeeper with the most money at the end of the game wins. I’d hate to see the Yelp reviews of that inn.

Haunt the House - For the Family Gamer

You’re just settling in for a quiet night in your haunted house, when a group of ghost hunters traipse in and spoil your evening. As a ghost, it’s up to you to scare them away so you can rest in peace. Each hunter is spooked by a different combination of scare cards like Creeks, Bumps, and Moans. Play a scare card face up on a hunter to get the special power of the room they’re in or face down to hide the card you played. As the hunters flee from your abode, they drop equipment that can be worth big points. Haunt the House is the perfect game for ghosts of all ages to get into the Halloween spirit.

Zombicide - For the Miniature Gamer

A mysterious plague is sweeping the world and you’re going to have to grab anything within arm’s reach to defend yourself from the walking dead. In Zombicide, you work together with your fellow survivors to complete a set of missions in a city swarming with zombies. Along the way, you’re going to find weapons and earn experience making you a more effective wrangler of the undead. With tons of sequels spanning a number of different time periods and some of the coolest miniatures around, the Zombicide series is one you can return to again and again.

Mysterium - For the Artsy Gamer

A murder occurred one year ago and tonight, we have a chance to solve it. As the world’s leading psychics we’ve returned to the mansion where the crime took place in an attempt to reach the spirit of the victim. One player takes on the role of the ghost trying to lead each of the investigators to identify a suspect, weapon, and location of their murder. The only problem is that they can only communication through abstract visions. It’s up to the rest of the players to interpret the clues and find out the real details of the crime. And they better hurry. The connection to the spirit world doesn’t last long.

Ghost Blitz - For the Speedy Gamer

How fast are your hands? In Ghost Blitz there are five different wooden pieces, white ghost, grey mouse, red chair, blue book, and green bottle. A card is flipped that will have an image with some combination of two colours and two items. You have to identify what item that card is telling you to grab and get it before anyone else. For example there might be a green mouse sitting on a white chair. The only item not represented by colour or shape is the blue book, so the card wants you to grab it. It can be a mind bender to find the missing items, but also a ton of fun. The perfect game to take on the go!

No matter what your gaming tastes are, the is a title for you to enjoy during the Halloween season. So turn down the lights, grab some bite size Snickers bars, and get ready to be spooked at the gaming table.

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