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As a master sushi chef, you’ve studied your craft for years. It took diligent training to perfect specialty dishes like your All-Day Breakfast, Octopus’s Garden, and Squid Salad Sandwich, but now you face your toughest challenge yet: Friday night dinner rush! In Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill, you compete with your fellow chefs to complete the most valuable orders. You can concentrate on short and simple maki orders to get bonuses quickly or take your time to make complicated sushi masterpieces for big rewards! 

Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill is designed by Josh Cappel and Adam Gertzbein and features culinary art by Claire Lin. Up to four chefs can compete in this sushi showdown and the game lasts about 45 minutes. Look for this spicy cooking competition for the whole family on Kickstarter this Fall.

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