Plunge into the glittering sea to recover exotic treasures from a seafloor overflowing with pirate shipwrecks. Wreck Raiders is an innovative dice-drafting worker placement system.


1-5 players


45-60 min


In the Wreck Raiders box you will get the base game which includes:

1 game board

1 Dice Pool (inside top of the game box)

5 player boards

52 Exhibit cards

39 Aquarium pieces

84 Treasure tiles

45 Seashells

50 wooden Divers

5 wooden Crab scoring markers

6 six sided dice

1 Reef board


The 3 Mini Expansions box includes:

1. The Shark

Use the Shark to drive other divers out of their spot in the wreck.

1 wooden shark and 1 shark die is included


2. The Relic Hunter

12 secret goals for arranging specific treasures in specific places in your vault


3. The Giant Clam

Press your luck to add points to your total 

Wreck Raiders & 3 Mini Expansions $55US