You’ve graduated from wizarding school with a PHD in spells and potions. It’s time to put that education to work. However, magical ingredients don’t grow on trees…they grow from rare plants cultivated for their powerful properties. Luckily, you got a minor in enchanted horticulture. With the help of your faithful assistant Sprites, you’re on a mission to grow and harvest the most powerful magical Gems, but look out for your rivals. Competition is fierce, and if you want to gain control of the garden and walk away as the most influential Wizard in town, it’s going to take all your planting skills! 

Each turn, you add a new plant tile to the board and decide to activate its strong 'plant' power or the weaker 'grow' powers of the adjacent tiles. As the garden changes, your sprites will compete for control of different patches worth valuable end game points.


Careful planning and a little horticultural luck will grow your magical plant business above the competition.