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Foodfighters Sweet and Salty Factions Available Now

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The Sweet and Salty factions for Foodfighters are in your FLGS now! Whether you have a sweet tooth or you're feeling a little salty, these fighters are ready to take on the competition!

With the Sweets you'll take control of Ice Cream Sandwich, Cupcake, and Doughnut in your battle for culinary supremacy. You can get your hands on power cards like Sugar Rush, Sweet Revenge, and Ice Cream Barred to give you some sweet advantages over you opponent!

The Salty faction boasts Potato Chip, Pretzel, and Popcorn (who is one of the cutest Foodfighters we've ever met). They will use special powers to 'Chip Away' at their rivals, Pretzel Twist, and A Salt the with a deadly weapon.

Look for both of these new factions in your FLGS or our online store!

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