At KTBG and Burnt Island Games we are dedicated fans of the hobby who have been lucky enough to turn our passion into our profession. We realize that we did not get here on our own. We have been helped countless times by folks who have come before us, blazed trails, and opened doors. We strongly believe that being members of a community means helping to lift up the next generation of people that will create, share, and grow this industry that we all love so much.


We are happy to announce the KTBG Canadian Game Designer of Tomorrow Award which will annually grant financial support to a nominated up and coming designer. While we offer support and encouragement to all new designers, we will specifically be looking to award members of underrepresented communities. The more new voices we can bring into the hobby, the better the games we’re all going to get to play.


If you would like to nominate a designer (even yourself), please send an email to helaina@kidstablebg.com with:

• A short (500 words max.) bio of your nominee.

• A description of the way they add to the community.

• A list of games they're working on or have completed.

• A profile picture.


Thank you and good luck to everyone!